By Grattan Puxon

Even before Basildon Tory councillors, in the face of Labour and Liberal Party opposition, voted last night [14 March] to evict Dale Farm’s homeless, a legal challenge to the £13m operation had been set in motion.

During the day, Basildon District Council was faxed a pre-action protocol letter stating that should the council proceed with direct action it would immediately be countered by judicial review proceedings.

Hopes are now that this strongly stated legal opposition to Basildon’s draconian policy, which is based on council leader Tony Ball’s belief in an overarching need to enforce planning law, will at least gain time for a non-confrontational solution
to be reached.

Opposition councillors said at the meeting that they would rather see the families involved allowed to continue to live on their own land then have millions in public money squandered on a futile and shameful eviction.

“I believe welfare of the community should be the priority,” commented Gypsy Council president Richard Sheridan this morning. “We want to live within the law. There is no law-and-order issue.”

In earlier negotiations Cllr Ball himself has indicated that he is willing to allow Dale Farm residents at least a limited window of opportunity to find alternative locations to which they can legally, and peacefully move. On balance its seems unlikely therefore the 28-day notice of eviction will be delivered to residents for some weeks yet.

Indeed, both the Gypsy Council and lawyers for residents are urging that negotiations regarding suitable alternative sites be recommenced. One planning application for
development of a model mobile-home park is already awaiting council approval, and several others also involving land owned by a government quango are in preparation.

Another promising development is that in the search for alternative land outside Basildon, a suitable private 12-acre site in metropolitan Essex has come to light.

Meanwhile, linking with Roma communities in other parts of Europe, many of whom are under similar threat, Dale Farm will on 9 April host one of the events marking the 40th anniversary of the lst World Romani Congress, which took place in London in l971.

As well as an international Zero Eviction Tolerance Day, that weekend will see the setting up of Camp Constant, a support establishment composed of human rights monitors pledged to be on hand should a forced eviction be prematurely attempted.

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  1. LeoCausius says:

    These evictions are a discrace and an affront to true-blue English tradition. The scum should be burnt out and beaten to wthin an inch of their scabrous, worthless lives. The way we used to do it. Remember the A2 at Shorne? Remember Horsmonden!

  2. Dats racist get me blood says:

    Dats racist get me blud

  3. GEMMA says:

    How do any of you negative bastards sleep sound in your bed these are proud people whom what had rights Local Authorities used to be legally obliged to provide sites for travellers under the Caravan Sites Act 1968. I think the people in the wrong is all the people whom dont take time understand there ways and whom cause the negativity they dont deserve there mums dads sisters brothers daughters and sons just like use and they deserve to stay were they have been settled with there familys for a long time would you evict blacks -drug addicts – single parents- young mums -the list would go on you all need to realise they are human the same as you and instead of being harsh against these people why not stand up proud and help our community You have my support

  4. Ian Biggs says:

    Hooray!! The council decision means these theiving scrounging leeches of society will finally be turfed off. If there’s resistatance why don’t they confiscate their vehicles caravans and all to pay for the cost. Goodbye scumbugs!!

  5. concerned citizen says:

    A list of questions.

    1) How many people on this site pay council tax?
    2) How many people on this site actually work for a living, pay income tax and N.I. contributions?
    3) What percentage of vehicles owned by people on this site are properly taxed and insured?
    4) What makes these people think they are exempt from the laws and regulations that the rest of us abide by?
    5) Why do these people think that the rest of us owe them a living?

    Answers please??

  6. A person says:

    I hope this clearance goes ahead, so that the travellers from this site will finally realise that they need to follow proper planning laws and rules just as the rest of us do. They are not ‘special’ or ‘persecuted’, just people who have decided that they will ignore certain rules that do not benefit them and then cry ‘racism’ when things don’t go their way. Also, if indeed these people are ‘travellers’ why are they not travelling? Why have some people lived on the site for 8 years if they are ‘travellers’? Perhaps they need to take a step back and try to see the other side of things before they start trying to cause more trouble.

  7. UnKnown Wickford says:

    The ssoner these scounging robbing scumbags are evicted the better for essex and all mankind

    Bye Bye Pykies

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