Open Letter to Basildon District Councillors ahead of tomorrow’s vote


Councillors have a clear choice: to go ahead with an eviction operation costing £8m in direct council expenditure – and up to £10m in policing – or to suspend direct action and allow alternative accommodation to be found for the homeless of Dale Farm.

A peaceful solution to what must unavoidably become a long-drawn out and violent confrontation – estimates say the operation by the notorious Gypsy specialist eviction bailiffs Constant & Co will take three to six weeks – is already on the table.

The Gypsy Council has put in a planning application to develop a model alternative mobile park on land belonging to the Homes and Communities Agency at Pound Lane and is preparing to submit further applications shortly for several brownfield sites in the area of Gardiners Lane South. They would be financed through a £60m central government fund set up for this purpose, and would cost Basildon nothing.

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