The Dale Farm Solidarity campaign is helping to coordinate activists’ response to an appeal by residents facing eviction from Dale Farm, the largest Traveller community in Britain.

Together we are making a stand against what we feel is an act of ethnic-cleansing against Gypsy people equal in its brutality and racist motivation as the clearances of Roma camps in Italy and France, and the neo-fascist murders of Roma in Hungary, Romania and the Czech republic.

Travellers, once the most marginalist, now see themselves as part of a growing, broader upsurge of opposition to the present Coalition Government. Homeless? We have no legal place to live. Jobless? Dependent on self-employment? Going to university? Even primary school is a problem when you are moved on constantly by the police.

Remember the warning? “First they came for the Gypsies … and I did nothing.” More than 500,000 Roma died in the Nazi genocide; 100,000 were expelled from Kososo under the eyes of NATO.

This is our chance to fight back. Dale Farm Solidarity is organising human rights monitors, legal and arrestee support, action training, media and outreach. As eviction approaches, Camp Constant will be set up to provide an around-the-clock human rights watch and instant resistance to the £13m weeks’ long eviction operation.
How to help:

Join the Traveller Support Network

Join the Facebook Group: Dale Farm Solidarity

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  1. SARAH GOODALL says:

    Land can not really be owned by anyone it was here before the silly council and will still be there when there gone, what is land for if not live off!! The council needs to get a grip on what this could do to a community, it would be totally disgusting for them to get the bulldozers in.
    And the snobby people apposing dale farm and any other sites should ask themselfs what makes the way they live any better! I hope your fight for dale farm is succesfull. Good luck to you all!
    And the people who what to evict these people should be ashamed of themselfs, how would they feel if they were asked to leave there homes with no idea of where to go.

  2. Gary says:

    At least this community of people are willing to work and live together unlike the majority of so called community groups in the uk

  3. melissa says:

    I just read a Wiki article on Dale Farm, and it stated that the land was legally owned by Travellers though recently it has been reclassified as a Green Belt. I’m not originally from the UK but how can the authorities have the legal right to force people off land they own? Also, what kind of buildings did you want to construct that required building permission? I’m sorry for all the questions, but I honestly do not understand how the authorities have the legal right to evict people off land they own.

    • may says:

      Hi Melissa. In the UK it’s illegal to use a piece of land residentially without planning permission, and it’s up to the local council to decide whether to grant planning permission or not. However in practice this is often not enforced and there are many people who have built structures on their land without permission and had no problems for the council (even after years of complaints from neighbours). Land is classified as ‘Green belt’ in order to protect natural spaces that add to the character of an area, but all over the UK at the moment many genuinely beautiful Greenbelt areas are being opened up for development, and the Dale Farm land really isn’t particularly beautiful or ecologically diverse. It’s pretty obvious that the council’s decision not to grant permission for the gypsies to live on their own land arises from prejudice against their lifestyle – i.e. I’m pretty sure that if the land was owned by a developer who wanted to put in a housing development permission would be granted, but there is a lot of prejudice against Gypsies because they are ethnically distinct and live in caravans.

    • Manuel says:

      Hello Melissa!
      I am a Romani Gypsy, but I live in a house, and I still get a lot of hate and abuse.
      In the U.K racism against Roma Gypsies and Irish Travellers is the norm, and unfortunately, has become part of British culture.
      Gypsies have suffered greatly throughout the centuries and still have to put up and bear the prejudice, hate and discrimination today.
      Any form of racism is wrong, but this kind of “Gypsy Intolerances” is the very worst of its kind. It was attitudes like this that saw near 3 million Roma Gypsies (official figure 500,000) including children, gassed to death in the extermination camps that littered Europe.
      Gypsy racism is the last form of socially acceptable racism. Where we, Roma and Irish are concerned, they (the local authorities) can do as they wish.
      All what is happening today isn’t new, it’s old news. It happened once before, In Germany in the 1930’s.
      And, I believe, it’ll happen again. With the extreme amount of hate in this country targeted exclusively on us, and taking account of what is happening in Europe with the recent Roma expulsions from France, to say the Holocaust (O Porraimos) couldn’t happen again would be the most foolish thing any of us could ever say.
      All what is happening to us, has all the signs of apartheid, there, in regards to another Holocaust, it is not a question of “If” but more likely “When”?
      It is a worrying time.
      So you see Melissa, the government can do as they please with us, if they wanted to murder us all, it would, without a doubt, go totally unchallenged.
      We, the Romani Gypsies including the Irish travellers, are the convenient scapegoats for society, a public punching bag.

      As this will be the biggest eviction in British peacetime history, I hope that the Dale farm residents will put up the greatest stand in history, and fight off these wicked people.

      Romany Gypsies and Irish travellers have one very bad fault with them, they are too peaceloving. Had these things been done to the black and muslim community there would be riots and street wars.
      We on the other hand, just sit back like stupid docile cows and let it happen!
      It’s time to fight!
      This world was created by God for ALL men, not just gorgios! ALL MEN!

      • Vasily Zaytsev says:

        All what is happening today isn’t new, it’s old news. It happened once before, In Germany in the 1930′s.
        And, I believe, it’ll happen again.

        Yeah we can live in hope Manuel, we can live in hope.

        P.S. you try living next to a [text removed by moderator] then see how tollerent you are of them.

  4. p everitt says:

    i will surport you all the way please let me know when and where

  5. p everitt says:

    any surport i can give please let me know

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