Take action this Christmas to let Dale Farm live

If you’re appalled by what you see, take action: email Theresa May and urge her not to green-light the £10m policing bill requested by Basildon CC, but instead (in a recession) spend far less helping Gypsies and Travellers to find safe sites and access services. A sample message is below, along with her email address:

Dear Theresa May,

At a time when cuts are being made to many important services, and homelessness is on the rise, we urge that the Home Office decline to provide the £10 million funding sought by Essex police for policing the Dale Farm eviction operation.

This eviction, the biggest of its kind in UK history, aims at destroying the homes nearly a hundred families. It is being opposed both by the Liberal Democrat and Labour councillors on Basildon Distriction Council as inhumane, disproportionate and an act of ethnic cleansing, besides being a waste of public money.

Yours sincerely

Email address: mayt@parliament.uk

Latest update:

Tony Ball, Tory head of Basildon Council, has invited Richard Sheridan and other representatives of Dale Farm, to meet with him and John Baron MP, at the House of Commons in the New Year.

It is unclear as yet whether they simply want to repeat their message that Dale Farm residents should leave peacefully (with nowhere to go), or are now willing to discuss some way of providing a secure future for those facing eviction.

Dale Farm Housing Association has replied that holding a meeting for the former purpose would be a waste of time for all parties.

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One Response to Take action this Christmas to let Dale Farm live

  1. Deb Williams says:

    How bloody barbaric.. there was no sound , but i was disgusted by the way those poor pple where treated and disgusted at the police and the council..all for a shit swimming pool not needed , poor pple especially the kids..i really feel from the heart for those poor ppple losing there homes..

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