Pledge to spend a night at Dale Farm

Join the campaign to resist the brutal eviction of Dale Farm:

If Basildon Council serve the 28 day notice to evict Dale Farm, there will be a camp  set up as a base of resistance to the eviction and support to the community. We are asking people to pledge to spend a night at Dale Farm if the eviction starts.

Join the Facebook group:!/event.php?eid=170414852985935

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4 Responses to Pledge to spend a night at Dale Farm

  1. Paul Newton says:

    Listening to exactly your arguments, countless Jews and Roma allowed themselves to be herded into Auchwitz etc. Where they were exterminated, regardless of age and vulnerability. Look around Europe and see what’s happening now.
    “Never again”!!
    ps I will be there

  2. Jeremy says:

    I can’t believe what I am reading-travellers have expressed concerns about the use of force and safety concerns for small children and the elderly etc-yet you are encouraging people to camp out and create more resistance, which will be answered with more force. And for what? It is not going to stop the end result, and you will create more danger for the weakest among you. Unbelievable and very shortsighted

  3. Grattan Puxon says:

    I will stay overnight for Camp Constant

  4. Scar says:

    Joined! I’ll be there if it happens.

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