Kill the anti-Gypsy virus

Over 3,000 people have now registered their support for the Dale Farm community, under threat by Basildon District Council which is preparing to spend £13 million on destroying the homes of 90 families in order to “restore” five acres of Greenbelt. The same council has just released many more Greenbelt acres for the construction of high class residences.

With this much support Travellers at Dale Farm are confident a successful resistance to the outrageous ethnic-cleanings operation can be organized. But it will take some training and much commitment by residents and supporters to achieve this – and time is short. A 28-day quit notice is expected in the New Year.

Unless the UK Government meanwhile responds to the two UN requests to prevent this mass eviction operation by refusing to provide £10m funding requested by Basildon and Essex police, our immediate response to the quit notice will be the setting up of Camp Constant to oppose the bailiff company Constant & Co., which has evicted thousands of Traveller families from their land all over Britain in the past ten years. This has to stop.

Anti-Gypsy racism is sweeping Europe. The virus is already here. But the cure is in our hands if we’re prepared to stand up and be counted.

Preparations for Camp Constant are taking place at Dale Farm on 13 and 20 November. If you want to join in and need more information email

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One Response to Kill the anti-Gypsy virus

  1. Manuel says:

    What next? curfews? a ghetto? maybe a gas chamber?, or something more cheaper due to the current economic crisis Britain is in, a gas van maybe?
    I am surprised that Mr Grattan Puxon hasn’t come under some kind of violent attack, be it physical or verbal for his work in supporting Roma Gypsies and Irish travellers.
    Everyone I’ve known who has spoken in our defence has suffered some kind of humiliation, death threats and open violence.
    God knows, we sure do get plenty of it, and I would imagine that anyone with us in our fight will undoutedly get the same treatment.
    As a Romani Gypsy myself, these matters concern me greatly, as I have studied in depth the events in Germany that set the stage for the Holocaust (porraimos). These unfortunate string of events are chillingly occuring again. There are many of us now that ask “What will we do?”, and “What can we do?” if something like that should happen again.
    My little nephew over heard our discussion one night on the stairs, we were talking about the Holocaust, and what options that layed open to us should we ever have have to use them, that was when my 5 year old nephew came into the room where I, and my my mother and father, the boys grandparents, had been discussing this.
    He said “I’ll never tell anyone I am a Gypsy, because they’ll kill me, won’t they?”
    That really bought it home to us all about the danger Gypsies face in Europe today.
    How do you answer that little boys words? what do you say to allay the fear?
    We obviously told him no one will kill him, but we also told him not to tell anyone who he really was for fear of persecution, as we as a Romani family have suffered tremendously. This, however, did nothing to comfort him, as you can imagine, a child can surmise for him or herself the truth of the matter when given a complex.
    Though there are a good few in number that are aware that the present situation in Europe could irrevocably escalate and push us to the edge of mortal danger, there are however, many, especially in the U.K that say “That (in reference to the Holocaust) will never happen again” and push off any further discussion on the subject.
    Neither listening nor caring.
    One day, however, we all will have to pull our weight, because one day we may find ourselves on a road we do not want to travel, and we all know where the road goes don’t we friends?

    Quote from a Jewish holocaust survivor:

    “If Germany, as culturally educated and advanced as it was, could be capable of such an horrific atrocity as the Holocaust and the slaughter of millions, then no nation is exempt”

    God bless you Grattan
    A valiant warrior indeed, our Martin Luther King.
    Keep up the good fight.

    Te Del o del
    (God let it be so)

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