Dale Farm Activity Stepped Up As Eviction Approaches

Ten people took part in activity at Dale Farm last week, helping to prepare the ground for Camp Constant and starting on a survey of the homes Basildon council is intend on crushing. Both projects, it is hoped, could have a deterrent effect although lawyers say there is now no legal bar preventing the full-scale destruction of Dale Farm. Constant & Co bailiffs, blooded by their bulldozer-led onslaught at Hovefields, are under contract for the job – and Tony Ball, Tory leader of the council has pledged to resign if the Travellers are not banished from the district by next May’s local elections.

There’ll be a test case hearing at Southend County Court on 20 and 21 October as to whether the few families who have qualified for re-accommodation as already technically homeless must be offered sites for their caravans. All are refusing to move into council flats because it would mean the end of traditional community life. Unfortunately, following the failure of an injunction application for Hovefields even a favourable outcome of this case cannot prevent a forced eviction. Hence the urgent need to step up preparations at Dale Farm ahead of the 28-day Notice that could be served on residents any day now.

For anybody who can spend time here on Thursday 14 October, there will be a lift from Wickford Station at 10 am. Let us know with an email to dale.farm@btinternet.com


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