Update: desperate situation of evicted Travelers

Hi Jacob,

Yesterday was another waking nighmare and your kindest offer to stand with us is double welcome.

The little children were sitting along the kerbside as Sgt Gordan stood over them giving mothers and fathers ten minutes to leave. A police colleague was smirking as he did so.

They’d been evicted the evening before and up most of the night, shifted again from a service station at South Mimms. And now Chris Beard, of the HCA (what position he holds I don’t know) had agreed with Essex police that we should be given 30 minutes or be arrested under s61 and vehicles confiscated.

There’s a small boy waiting to go into hospital and a mother pregnant. The police refused to make any inquiries about the state of health or medical needs even though we told them they were duty bound to do so before issuing a s61.

Everyone was desperate. They had seen their homes bulldozed at Hovefields by Constant. They had been evicted by police using s61 from a sports club car-park in Basildon on Tuesday night at 9 pm.

It stated in the local paper that the HCA (Homes & Communities Agency) was offering land to the BDC for sites. So they moved onto a vacant plot known to be owned by the agency. They had hoped for a respite, for sanctuary… but they got the jackboot on the say-so of the HCA whom they believed were their friends.

Please be ready for the call when it comes to the battle for Dale Farm – which cannot now be far ahead. If in the meanwhile you can form a group of friends ready to combine and come together to Oak Lane, Crays Hill, that will be powerful.

Meanwhile a protest to Essex police over the merciless use of s61 of the Criminal Justice Act l994 is one action you can take:


With a copy to


and a copy to us



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