Update from the ongoing evictions at Hovefields

About twenty people got to Hovefields yesterday to show support to the people being evicted. It went on all day and continues today. Kathy Rooney, aged 12 – her family
have until 10 am this morning to quit their land – they plan to move to a nearby yard not under immediate threat.

At about 5pm we went in a convoy of a dozen vehicles to move into a car-park at Gardiners Way, off Gardiners Lane South, Basildon.

This land is leased by Cellex (which I’m told is a US-based arms firm, but I have not had tome to check).

That is the flash point today as they have been given until 12 noon to quit there. This despite the police saying first they would take no action. So people going there will help. More yards will be bulldozed at Hovefields today and tomorrow.

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