Help needed with the Dale Farm campaign

Dear all,

The situation at Dale Farm, is looking increasingly tenuous. Recently, half a dozen vehicles carrying demolition workers entered the site apparently to scare residents, then were re-directed to nearby Hovefields. Here, travellers were given one hour to pack up before the destruction commenced (see details here). More evictions at Hovefields are expected in a few weeks.  Basildon council has authorized the demolition of half of Dale Farm which is expected to last a week, and could take place as early as September.  Will we really stand by while our neighbour’s homes are bulldozed into our very own version of the Gaza strip? 

If you have any spare capacity, please email us at if you can help out with the campaign, or if you can contact any groups who can serve as contact points.

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4 Responses to Help needed with the Dale Farm campaign

  1. James Oranje says:

    Hope and Choice shall now fight against Fear and Control. Why does the Gypsy site have to become the battleground for the Lost Generation’s war? Because the Youth envy the gypsies,
    Because we wish for their lifestyle.
    Baron’s police will be rebuffed by the delinquents before they even step foot on the site.

  2. There will also be a training session for human rights monitors on 25 August (Sunday) at Dale farm (contact for more info) , which will be used to help brief and prepare people, and organize a rota.

  3. Human rights monitors are needed, so if you live in the region and might be able to come to Dale Farm to act as a human rights monitor in the event of an eviction, sign up to get a text message to let you know when an eviction is taking place – find more info by clicking “human rights monitoring” at the top of this page.

    There is also some info about getting in touch with council members on this page:

  4. Toad says:

    How can we help?

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